Samenwerking Vlaanderen, Centraal- en Oost-Europa.
Project nr: 559/98-02-06/06
Periode: 28/12/1998 – 28/09/2001


The second big 'Integrated development project Slatina-Timis'  is situated around two poles health development and community development. For practical and technical development was called upon LCM and CM Turnhout and VZW Somepro

Renovation and Expansion Medical Center - Slatina-Timis

During the project, the medical center of Slatina-Timis, which was in very poor condition, was taken by Adamslatina in concession for 49 years and was completely renovated and extended to a medical-social center. In this played the efforts of many volunteers of Romania an Geel a crucial role 


The old building was renovated and because Slatina-Timis is located in a region with an earthquake risk, consolidating walls had to be cast in concrete on the old building










The building was enlarged.











Utilities electricity, gas central heating,  water supply and waste water tubes were laid by volunteers 










Placing the plasterboard walls and floors was also the work of volunteers.











The exterior walls were truncated, replastered and painted. 










The roof was completely redone, the windows and doors were replaced.



Finally the terrace was constructed. The interior can be seen on the ADAMS page.











The official opening of the new medical center took place in August 2001officieleopeningproject4aofficieleopeningproject2a